At Play In The USA Vol. 1
(AO) At Play In The USA Vol. 1
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April 29, 2013


2006 - 2007


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At Play Vol 4 (album)

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Play Records

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Progressive House


Billy Newton Davis, Deadmau5, Melleny Brown, Steve Duda.

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At Play In The USA Vol. 1 is a compilation from Deadmau5's old record label Play Records. Edit

This album is the another version of volume on of the original At Play series, but In the USA the tracks are mixed.


  1. Faxing Berlin 8:41
  2. Sex slave (Feat. Mellefresh) 6:05
  3. I Like Your Music (Feat. Billy Newton-Davis) 7:38
  4. All U Ever Want (Feat. Billy Newton-Davis) 7:14
  5. Dr. Funkenstien 7:14
  6. BSOD - This is the Hook 5:58
  7. Cocktail Queen (Feat. Mellefresh) 5:26
  8. Attention Whore (Feat. Mellefresh) 6:49
  9. Hey Baby (Feat. Mellefresh) 7:09
  10. Afterhours (Feat. Mellefresh) 6:08