Drop the Poptart is a song by deadmau5 and Colleen D'Agostino, originally released on soundcloud and showcased in one of Joel's livestreams on December 5, 2013, but the song didn't see an official release until March 15 of 2015. The song underwent many changes over the span of more than a year; having been shortened, modified, and renamed numerous times before finally being renamed Stay and released on Colleen D'Agostino's Collide EP.

Track History Edit

Around November of 2013, deadmau5 uploaded a 3-minute clip of a new song he had titled "Drop the Poptart" on his soundcloud page. A few weeks later, he was unsatisfied with the music for the song, an ambient, rock-style track that would later be released on While (1<2) as Somewhere Up Here, and changed the instrumental to an extended version of Arcadia. The song was then nearly 15 minutes and gained widespread attention after deadmau5 posted about the song on Reddit and YouTube user Good4josh uploaded a video of the song.

Later, deadmau5 mentioned on Reddit that he was renaming the track as Somewhere Up Here, but temporarily ditched the track shortly before the release of While (1<2) and only released the rock/ambient track under that name.

Despite Joel's original plan to ditch the song, he continued to work on the song during a livestream on January 30, 2014. An even newer version, supposedly the final version of the track nearly 17 minutes in length was leaked on YouTube. Despite the original plans for the track to be released, the 17-minute version was never released.

Throughout 2014, Joel messed with the track some more, creating several versions in the process (including a funk-like version known as "Pickup the Poptart" and a short trance version). He didn't finish the song until March of 2015, when Colleen D'Agostino's debut EP Collide came out. The song was renamed Stay and two versions were released: a four-minute radio edit and the longer nine minute version called the "Drop the Poptart edit". The final version has Arcadia as the instrumental, and features Colleen D'Agostino's vocals.

Lyrics Edit

Breathe it in now, then breathe it out

let the air flow over me.

Up high can you tell me what you see,

this life is it more than just a dream?

Inside tell me where you hide the truth.

Look at me now, then look away

can you tell me what to do?

Your eyes, they no longer speak for you.

Inside tell me where you hide the truth (x2)

Chorus Edit

If you want me to stay

I need you to know

You can never, ever leave me alone.

If you want me to stay

I need you to know, hey, yeah yeah

I can never let you go (x2).