“Petting Zoo” was a song released as a bonus track from deadmau5’s 7th studio album, “While (1 < 2)“ [ best buy edition]. 

History Edit

Following the release of "While (1 < 2)", the popular game "Goat Simulator" upgraded to provide more features for their players. Among these features included a rooftop rave with deadmau5 perfoming "Petting Zoo" that could be visited by the goat. For this reason "Petting Zoo" is widely recognized as the Goat Simulator deadmau5 thereby promoting "While (1 < 2)" in the process. With deadmau5's presence in "Goat Simulator", players can either take deadmau5 with them on their journey through the virtual world or even don a mau5head of their very own through deadmau5, which makes it so that no matter where the goat goes the humans in the area are compelled to dance to "Petting Zoo" as it plays continuously.

Trivia Edit