Somewhere Up Here” was a song released as a part of the track list from deadmau5’s 7th studio album, “While (1 < 2)”.

History Edit

While “Somewhere Up Here” was included on the album in the end, it underwent a large number of transformations prior to its release. To begin with, “Somewhere Up Here” began as “Drop The Poptart”, a simpler version of the song's core beat alongside the vocals from Colleen D’Agostino of American rock group The Material. The song continued to get more complex as deadmau5 worked on it throughout his livestream, eventually becoming known as “Somewhere Up Here (Drop The Poptart Version)”, thus sparking its movement into becoming a whole new song in entirety. In the end, deadmau5 decided not to use Colleen’s vocals and released a remastered vocal-less version as part of his album “While (1< 2)”. Colleen D’Agostino would later go on to collaborate with deadmau5 on another track on the album called “Seeya”.

Since the release of "While (1<2)", the original track containing the vocals by Colleen D'Agostino has been shortened down to a 3 minute edit and will be released as part of Colleen's solo extended play, "Collide", under the title "Stay" featuring deadmau5.

Original Lyrics Edit

(Verse I)

Breathe it in now,

Then breathe it out.

Let the air flow over me.

Up high, can you tell me what you see?

This life, is it more than just a dream?

Look at me now, then look away

Can you tell me what to do?

Your eyes, they no longer speak for you.

Inside, tell me where you hide the truth.


If you want me to stay.

I need you to know.

You can never ever leave me alone.

If you want me to stay.

I need you to know, hey, yeah, yeah.

I can never let you go.

I can never let you go.

Trivia Edit

  • I Remember is sampled in the song as "remember how it was with you". It is played in the background.
  • Somewhere Up Here is the eighth track on While (1<2). It was originally a name for Drop The Poptart, which is now known as Stay and was released on Colleen D'Agostino's Collide EP.