"stuff i used to do" is a compilation by deadmau5 and was released on his label "mau5trap".


This album is a recomplication and has one of deadmau5's old music that dates back from his old or unoffical albums such as, Circa (1998-2002), A Little Oblique, Get Scraped, and Project 56. It also includes unreleased tracks that were originally uploaded on his soundcloud or his website but had it's named change in the offical release of this album.

Track List Edit

  1. Messages from nowhere (From Get Scraped "Cd Version")
  2. Digitol (From A Little Oblique)
  3. Screen door (From Circa 1998-2002)
  4. Squid (From A Little Oblique)
  5. Sometimes i fail (From Get Scraped & Project 56)
  6. 50 something cats (From his soundcloud or his website)
  7. Charile can't dance (Possibly from his SectionZ page)
  8. My opinion (From Get Scraped)
  9. HaxPigMeow (Orginally named "Get in the pig Meowingtons")
  10. Obsidian (From Circa 1998-2002)
  11. Long walk off a short pier (From Circa 1998-2002)
  12. Support (From Get Scraped)
  13. Superlover (From Circa 1998-2002)
  14. Try again (From Get Scraped)
  15. Creep (Alt. Version)
  16. Unspecial Effects (From Get Scraped)